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Note:  The Gallery has grown so large that I have decided to split it across multiple pages.

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PC190001.jpg (17831 bytes)

Joe Conway
Fleetwood, NY
ISRA #6407

'00 Vstar 1100 Custom

DBAK AKA Maxair Air Kit, J&E 10.6-1 pistons, Web-Cam Midrange Cams, HK Sideburner 2-1 Exhaust

bikeptlampton.jpg (18674 bytes)

Robert Hardick
ISRA# 5160
London Ontario

'00 Vstar 1100 Classic

Roy Dimarucot's bike

reynolds.jpg (18497 bytes)

Tim Reynolds
ISRA #7523

'01 Vstar Classic

my_star2.jpg (22469 bytes)

Doug Thompson
Cedar Rapids, Iowa

'01 1100 Custom

Drag Bars, Drag Pipes.
Lowered front and rear 3"
Custom Paint

englund.jpg (8998 bytes)

 Longmont, Colorado

'02 Vstar 1100 Classic

 Platinum/Titanium Silverado with HK 2.75" Big Straights


lifter.jpg (17884 bytes)


'02 1100 Vstar Classic

shipley.jpg (17088 bytes)

Dan (roadrat) Shipley
ISRA #7281
Midwest City, OK

'01 Vstar 1100 Classic

Blacked Blue/Twilight Blue

Bud Garland

rumble.jpg (21246 bytes)

Frank Clark
President "Star Chasers Constellation" - Central New York

'01 1100 Classic

rohn.jpg (24348 bytes)


'00 Vstar 1100 Classic

Mvc-143f.jpg (22957 bytes)

Ton van de Coevering

Rijswijk, The Netherlands

Beezer Chris

'01 Vstar 1100 Classic

Roadhouse pipes, floorboard extensions, Pro One pullbacks and a Yamaha/Corbin seats were the first things I added, for the longer hauls.

bike-complete.jpg (23083 bytes)


I have so far added a 3 piece Mustang seat w/ removable backrest, Sissy bar and backrest, Hard Saddlebags, Tank Bra, Passenger Pegs, Windshield, Headlight and Turn Signal Visors, and on back order is my front Fender Guard, and Light Bar

maldonado.jpg (20156 bytes)

Orlando Maldonado


cj.jpg (27493 bytes)

Chuck Jones
Brookeland ,Texas

'99 Vstar 1100 Custom

HK slash cuts, ISO grips, Yammi tall windshield, leatherlyke bags, metzler rear tire, a few chrome pieces, and many more to come.

IMG_0493.jpg (14132 bytes)

Larry Schmid 
Central Ohio
ISRA #9630

'02 Vstar 1100 Custom

PCS Chip Seat & Pillion
Drag Bars with Hidden wires
K&N Filter & Jet kit
PCS Lowering Kit
21" Front Wheel
Cobra Exhaust

F007.jpg (19002 bytes)

Doug from Hamilton

'01 Vstar 1100 Classic

Tim "The GAEL" Chambers

'00 Vstar 1100 Classic 

harris.jpg (30419 bytes)

Roger Harris
Las Cruces, NM

'02 Vstar 1100 Custom

Baron Highway bars w/ISO pegs
Baron BAK
Cobra 2" Drags
Yamaha floorboards
Dyna 3000 ignition

vachon.jpg (16623 bytes)

Sylvain Vachon
Quebec City Canada

'02 Vstar 1100 Silverado Classic

Don Dufur
S. Orange County, CA

'01 Vstar 1100 Custom

Barons Big Air Kit
2" Hard Krome Slash Cut Staggered Dual Pipes

RJGsBike.jpg (39999 bytes)

Bob Gagne
Prince George County, VA 2002

'02 Vstar 1100 Classic Silverado

Gail-on-Gail-3.jpg (22091 bytes)

Mark Mallory
 Dyersburg, TN

2001 Vstar 1100 Classic

Bikes name : Gail

Pictured on bike : 
My wife Gail

IMGP0048.jpg (17523 bytes)

Sammy Reyes
Charlotte, NC
ISRA# 10258

'02 Vstar 1100 Classic

HK 3.5" Slash Cuts

Imag0047.jpg (29093 bytes)


Dragstar 1100 Custom

- DPM triple headlight
- Silver Tail Slashcut pipes
- Mapam Sissy Bar
- RDC hand-crafted saddlebags
- Yamaha Engine Guards
- DPM Tank Bra

Dscn0398.jpg (36560 bytes)

Vinny Ruffino
Ft. Lauderdale, FL

'00 Vstar 1100 Classic

Martin Beebe
Nazareth, PA

'03 V Star 1100 Classic

Memphis Shades "FAT" 19" Windshield, Saddlebags, Passenger Backrest, Passenger Floorboards

artsvstar.jpg (32841 bytes)

Arthur Saarinen
Lexington, MA
ISRA# 8611

'02 Vstar 1100 Classic

-Yamaha Hiway Bars
-Custom 1100 Chrome Battery Covers
-Chrome Rack
-Chrome License Plate
-Chrome MasterCylinder Cover

Dscf0019.jpg (21167 bytes)

Keith Smith

Custom Tank and Paint

P7210010.jpg (20794 bytes)

Tim Bohn
ISRA #8902

'02 Vstar 1100 Classic

PCS seat
Bub Big Willy pipes
ME Floorboard Extensions

DSC00037.jpg (32620 bytes)

Vincent X. Williams

'01 Vstar 1100 Custom


Pipes-Engine-and-Tank.jpg (21778 bytes)

Dennis (Capt'n Hook) Nentrup
ISRA# 5803 
SCRC Member
Pace, FL 

'01 Vstar 1100 Classic

Too many extras to list.


Tim Parker
Phoenix, AZ

'00 Vstar 1100 Custom

AirTribe Air Bag Suspension, Hard Chrome DD pipes, Climax 18" Ape Hangers, Rizoma Forward Controls and Brake covers, Custom Fenders, 3" stretch tank, Custom Paint, Chrome Frame and Swingarm, Braided Lines, Custom Seat.......All done by owner

BIKE5.jpg (23564 bytes)

Doug Barnes

IMG004.jpg (17890 bytes)

Dan Knoll

vstar2.jpg (23406 bytes)

(new paint)

Darryl Murray
Roselle Park, NJ

'99 1100 Custom

1100done.jpg (11820 bytes)

1100backLdone.jpg (18754 bytes)

1100 Custom by

raked trees, custom back fender, lowered, 21 inch front wheel, hand built bars, seat, and sidemount tag, and alot of other stuff

Scottsdoneleft.jpg (17100 bytes)

Another Coyote Custom

1100 Classic

Ron Deremiah
Orlando, FL

'02 Vstar 1100 Classic

BUB Big Willy pipes, Baron's BAK, YamaCorbin Studded Blvd Cruiser Seat, Kuryakan Grips and Highway Pegs, Chillhowee leather accessories, various chrome additions, Phat Performance Oil Filter Re-location kit, and
paint by Hill's Airbrushing and Custom Paint of Bradenton, FL


Ruth Neely
Cal City, IL

Vstar 1100 Custom

Windshield, engine guards, Cobra Shot Gun slip-on pipes

right-side.jpg (24876 bytes)


'03 Vstar 1100 Classic 

Yamaha windshield

106-0613_IMG.jpg (20564 bytes)

Russ Thompson

01' Vstar 1100 Classic

Lowered front 1.5" rear adjustable 3", Star bars,
braided steel lines, Thunder jet kit, Hard Chrome Double D's, Corbin, Arlen
Ness floorboards, Diamond cut headlight, Barons bullet lights.

scottrose.jpg (46971 bytes)

Scott Rose

’02 Vstar 1100 Classic

down slashed pipes
Bobbed rear fender (actually it’s the front!)
Spring seat
Side mount license
Wood trim

RodStar.jpg (20446 bytes)

Rod Barnes
ISRA: #10810

'02 Vstar 1100 Custom

Bike_7.jpg (19013 bytes)

Doug Heminger
Albuquerque, NM
ISRA #10478
SCRC #8023

'03 Vstar 1100 Classic

Yamaha Low Windshield
Yamaha Engine Guards
Yamaha Passing Lamps
Carolina Leather Works saddlebags
EZ Brackets

Im000199.jpg (23158 bytes)

Scott Goad
The Dalles OR
ISRA #9147

'99 Vstar 1100 Custom

Cobra slash cut pipes
Arlen Ness lights
Mirrors from
Side mount plate by me
Baron's radius drag bars

reaperjr.jpg (30658 bytes)

George Dumpit
STAR Chapter #212

'99 Vstar 1100 Custom

oo many accessories to list!  More pics and accessory info here.

CC-side-view.jpg (20224 bytes)

Ted Zoccoli
ISRA #9446
SCRC #202044
Mendota Hts. MN

'02 Vstar 1100 Classic

V&H slip-ons, BAK
Mustang seat

sunflare.jpg (14592 bytes)

Jeff Leitner

Vstar 1100 Classic

starmike1sm.jpg (18816 bytes)

Mike Christiansen
Jacksonville, FL
ISRA  #9787
SCRC  #115201

'02 Vstar 1100 Classic

IMG_0483.jpg (17395 bytes)

Salem, Oregon
ISRA# 10468

'02 Vstar 1100 Classic

2 1/2" lowering kit, Sidemount license plate holder/brake light, Bullet turn signals, Corbin seat, Drag bars, Custom grips, Cobra shotgun longboy pipes, Baron "Big Air" kit

July15-Brand-New-.jpg (19488 bytes)

Monte Bates
Kirtland, NM
ISRA #10413

'02 Vstar 1100 Custom

P1010024.jpg (21047 bytes)

Hank Thomas
Marion, SC

'02 Vstar 1100 Classic

MAR24_22.jpg (25094 bytes)

Steve Yukon

'01 Vstar 1100

ball milled chrome
matching grips, pegs, floorboards
Hardkrome DD's pipes
Memphis Fats windshield
custom passing lamps

Picture-043.jpg (11250 bytes)

David Bowen 
Farmington NM
ISRA #10374

'02 Vstar 1100 Classic

img00032.jpg (15783 bytes)

Justin Stewart
San Diego, CA

'03 Vstar 1100 Classic

DCP_0342.jpg (16546 bytes)

Frank (Shark) Zettle
Paso Robles, CA

'02 Vstar 1100 Classic

VStar-1100-Classic-004.jpg (22235 bytes)

Jeff Saffir
Newport News, VA

'01 Vstar 1100 Classic

2002yamavstar2.jpg (22177 bytes)

Chris Randall
Asheville, NC

'02 Vstar 1100 Classic

rizoma raked tree,
pacific coast seat,
ss lines,
bub big willies,
baron bak/jet kit,
baron lowering kit,
white brothers bars,
kuryakyn iso grips,
joker turn signals,
motorcycle enhancements floorboard ext.

rside.jpg (25479 bytes)

Bruce Morgan

'02 Vstar 1100 Custom

Cobra Shot Gun Pipes
K & N Air Cleaner
Corbin Seat
Willie Max Saddle Bags (Mounted Strapless)
Clear len, Red LED brake light
Custom Rear Turn Signals
Side mounted License Plate
Paint is a one off Orange, with black marblized flames with gold ghost flames inside them,
All covered with candy orange.

More pics here

bike-copy.jpg (22698 bytes)

Tim Parker

'00 Vstar 1100 Custom

paint-job-013.jpg (24647 bytes)

Jay Lowenstein
Edmonds, WA

'00 Vstar 1100 Classic

Lots of extras
new paint by Kenny

walterkirkwood.jpg (15597 bytes)

Walter Kirkwood
Pinson, AL

More pics here

MarcE6.jpg (21092 bytes)

Marc Dufour
Houston Texas

'03 Vstar 1100 Classic

vstar21.jpg (20997 bytes)


'99 Vstar 1100 Custom

drag bars ,cobra turnouts
jardine forwards controls
custom tag mount 
custom turn sigs

More pics here

mzbiike.jpg (22555 bytes)

Michael Zinna
Collinsville, IL

'02 Vstar 1100 Classic

Picture-044.jpg (27111 bytes)

David R Hall
Murfreesboro TN

'02 Vstar Silverado

valerio.jpg (31632 bytes)

David Valerio
'00 Vstar 1100 Classic

4in risers, corbin seat, memphis shade, cobra passenger floor boards, leatherlyke bags, 4 in risers, stage 3 stock exhaust.

More pics here

DSCN0208.jpg (18074 bytes)

Dominic Cortese

Bub Big Willies, RC Wheels, 4" over fork tubes, triple tree kit, hypercharger, forward controls

3.jpg (23683 bytes)

Craig Schmidt

'03 Vstar 1100 Classic

Windvest, Hard Krome, and Yamaha/Corbin accessories

Michael McManus
STAR Touring & Riding

'01 Vstar 1100 Classic

More pics here


Arthur Pearl
Princeton, NJ

'99 Vstar 1100 Custom

National windshield, customized Bub Big Willy pipes, custom Bar tan faux ostrich seat, HD Cycles raked neck 43-deg, Rizoma 5-deg raked triple tree, Frank's 12-in over tubes, 2-in seat lowering kit, Chrome Werks 12" Buckhorn bars, Blaupunkt stereo speaks, Yamaha sissy rail, customized Fulmer Helmet with Grey Fox Alaskan full pelt

Picture-554.jpg (20871 bytes)

Delta, BC, Canada
ISRA #11585

'03 Vstar 1100 Classic

Silverado Kit, Luggage Rack, Front Tool Pouch, MaxAir Kit, Yamaha Lowers, Yamaha Highway Bars with Kuryakyn Highway Pegs, "BackOff" License Plate Holder, Cobra Slash-Cut Slip-ons, Custom Motovan Clock

P1010098.jpg (20399 bytes)

Derrick Howard
Sierra Vista, AZ
ISRA #9350

'02 Vstar 1100 Classic

Kuryakyn ISO Grips, Baron's Bullet Marker Lights, Baron's License Frame, Baron's Engine Guards, Yamaha Tall Windshield, Hard Krome Big Straights, PCS Lower Kit set at 2" drop

ivan.jpg (19979 bytes)

Ivan Smolin
Moscow, Russia!!!

'01 Dstar 1100 Custom

Yes, there is a Yamaha dealer in Russia! Ivan sells motorcycle parts in Moscow.

More pics here

My-bike4.jpg (21404 bytes)

Greg Stanfield
Guntersville, AL

'03 Vstar1100 Classic

terrythorn.jpg (23196 bytes)

Terry Thorn

'03 Vstar1100 Classic

Yamaha tall windshield, Yamaha backrest, and Saddlemen saddlebags

samholliman.jpg (30900 bytes)

Sam Holliman
Raleigh, NC

'02 Vstar1100 Silverado

Cobra slip-ons, Baron's passenger footboards, Yamaha luggage rack, Yamaha lower-fork air deflectors, Yamaha chrome side covers, windshield bag, lever covers, reflectors on back of bags

v-star3.jpg (22446 bytes)

Wayne Babin
Athol, Ma

'02 Vstar 1100 Classic

Yamaha Backrest
K&N Filter

PB1900331.jpg (21751 bytes)

Eric Sunderland
Alameda, CA

'02 Vstar 1100 Classic

daboyz.jpg (34942 bytes)

ISRA #2365
New York

'00 Vstar 1100 Classic

ACFA51.jpg (22678 bytes)

Danny Perkins

'00 Vstar 1100 Classic

HK DD slash cut mufflers, studded Mustang touring seats, Memphis shades windshield, saddlebags, rear rack, cobra passenger floorboards, studded rear leather bag

Bike2.jpg (19654 bytes)

John Ewart
Ontario Canada

'00 Vstar 1100 V-Star

Tall windshield, crash bars, passing lamps, small saddle bags, back rest, Corbin seats and luggage rack. All equipment is Yamaha

Joe Terry

'00 Vstar 1100 Classic

PCS seats, full leather bags, ME oil relocation kit, Cobra slip-ons, Dad's MaxAir Kit, bracket where air cleaner was

les.jpg (25935 bytes)

Les Steinberg
St. Louis, MO

'99 Vstar 1100 Custom

White Bros. Bikini Beach bars, Planet Cruiser risers, grips and mirrors, (not pictured- Hardkrome Double DD's Slash Cut Pipes), Cobra Jet Kit, K&N Air Filter, Yammie Floor Boards, Rear Fender Rack, Billet accessories

classic1.jpg (25840 bytes)

Paul Kraay 
Paxton, IL

'00 Vstar 1100 Classic

postan.jpg (19163 bytes)

Colin Postans

'01 Dstar 1100 Classic

bubba.jpg (28759 bytes)

John (Bubba) Butler
Judsonia, AR
ISRA #4339

'00 Vstar 1100 Classic
Sparkle Maroon & Ivory

Baron's Big Air Kit, Baron's Nasty Boy Slash Cut Pipes. Mustang Studded Seat, Yamaha Solo Rail, Yamaha Rear Rack, Yamaha Engine Guards, Yamaha "Custom" Chrome Side Covers, Yamaha Fender Tips (Front & Rear), Yamaha Front Fender Trim Rail, Memphis Fats Windshield, ME Forward Relocation Kit for Floorboards, Ghost Brackets, Yamaha Leather Studded Saddle Bags, 4" Round Harley Deuce Style Risers, Yamaha Handlebars from a "1100 Custom", Kuryakyn ISO Grips, Jardine Oil Filter Relocation Kit, Dyna 3000 Ignition Module

nied.jpg (23160 bytes)

Ed Nied Jr.
Southampton, MA
ISRA #8090

'02 1100 Vstar Classic
"P. T. Cruiser"

Mustang 2 pc seat & backrest pad, Yammie backrest bracket, Leatherlyke bags, Yammie tall windshield, Aeromach pullback risers, Cycle Craft Engineering handlebar clock clamp, Yammie engine guard, Chillhowee 10" lever covers

more pics here

hulbert.jpg (16497 bytes)

George Hulbert
Finger lakes, NY
ISRA # 5124

'00 Vstar 1100 Custom

Mike7a.jpg (8767 bytes)

Cincinnati, OH
ISRA# 5784

'02 Vstar 1100 Classic

Bub Big Willies, Dyna 3000, Dave Benson DBAK, Web Cam Mid range Cams, P&P heads, Corbin Ostrich Solo, Pirelli MT66, Paint by Bankamper Customs Cincinnati

MagnumStar.jpg (27581 bytes)

Dave Zak
Albany, New York

'00 Vstar 1100 Classic

HyperCharger, Mustang 3-piece seat and backrest pad, full Cobra hi-boy exhaust, passing lamps, LeatherLyke bags, Memphis Shade windshield, chrome fender tips, headlight and turn signal visors……just to name a few.

motor.jpg (17781 bytes)

Bill West
Thorold, Canada
ISRA #11831

'00 Vstar 1100 Classic

V-Star-4.jpg (23338 bytes)

Curt McLeod
Grady, AL

'01 Vstar 1100 Classic

Yamaha windshield, Tank bib, PCS "Potato Chip" seat, Kuryakyn Bullet rear turn signals, passing lamps, Rear seat rail, Yamaha sissy bar, Lowering kit, Floorboard extensions. Live to Ride air cleaner cover, Oil Filter cover, Hardkrome 3.5 " slashcuts, Visors on all lamps, Lay down liscense plate, Custom Chrome 5" pullback risers

Ray Cerulli
So. CA

Vstar 1100 Classic

Wheels: Back RC Components "smoothy", Front RC Components "pacific", Handle bars: Carlini 7" rise "drag bars", Seat: PCS "patatoe chip", Pipe: PCS "monster pipe", Tank: S&S Custom Cycle "502 ram air tank", Mirrors: Pro One, Headlight: Headwinds

My-Bike-055.jpg (18791 bytes)

Roger Saurage
Desoto County, MS

'02 Vstar 1100 Classic

Mustang seat, Cobra slip-ons, Memphis shade ws, custom pin striping, Yamaha bags, plenty of extra chrome.

thomas.jpg (20323 bytes)

E. Ty Thomas 
Houston, Texas 

'02 Vstar 1100 Classic

Jardine Slash Cut Rumblers 
Studded Solo Seat 
Silverado Windshield 
Chrome Oil Filter Cover 
Chrome Solo Fender Rack

more pics here

P02091601.jpg (23037 bytes)

Jake Del Rio
Ann Arbor, MI
ISRA #10055

'00 Vstar 1100 Classic

Yammie3.jpg (22042 bytes)

Bryan Lee
Lakeland, Fl
ISRA# 11815

'01 Vstar 1100 Classic
Midnight blue, Cherry red

Yamaha Sissy Bar, Engine Guards, Passing Lamps

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