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Mvc-016s.jpg (17950 bytes)

Bill Johnson
Charlotte, NC

'99 Vstar 1100 Custom

Memphis shades windshield, Thunder Hypercharger,Corbin ginslinger seat, Yama crash bars, Yama light bar, headlight and turnsignal visors, chrome oil cap, Yama grips

Dsc00872.jpg (13165 bytes)

Chris McKinney
Cincinnati, OH

'01 Vstar 1100 Classic

Yami crash bars, Kuryakan highway pegs, Hypercharger, Bubs Big Willys (rejetted), Leather Connexion Bags, Passenger peg extensions, Tank Bib

mon-v-star.jpg (22766 bytes)

"Big Dan" Beaudoin
ISRA# 8832

'01 Vstar 1100 Custom

tapered 50/50 exhaust, lowered rear 1.5 " modified rear tail light, bullet type flashers, side mounted license plate, modified air filter, xenon H4 driving light

daves_vstar.jpg (30842 bytes)

Dave Hardin
Austin, TX

'02 Vstar 1100 Classic

DCP00447.jpg (21564 bytes)

Becca Lavigne

'02 Vstar 1100 Classic

Rizoma raked triple trees, Kuryakyn bullet lights front and rear, Corbin gunslinger seat, Rizoma forward controls with Arlen Ness mini floorboards, 2" lowering kit, mini hangers, Baron stainless cables, Hardkrome Double D big straights, and assorted Yamaha chrome covers.


Jim Gobetz

00' Vstar1100 Classic
"Pride of the Yankees"

Custom paint by JT autobody of Folsom PA, PCS "original" seat, 2" lowering kit and Roadstar spring, Floorboards 4 1/2" forward (M.E.), Side mount plate (self), Maxair Kit with S&S cover, Bubs big willy drag pipes, 10" apehanger bars, polished motor (self), custom rear lights (self)

more pics here

DSCF0001.jpg (23454 bytes)

"Pool D"

dap-vstar.jpg (14254 bytes)

"Dapper Dan" Merriam
Boise, ID

'01 Vstar 1100 Classic

rear fender from a Custom

IMG_0045.jpg (20676 bytes)

Andrew Wells

Vstar 1100 Classic

American Eagle LeatherWorks Luggage

libby.jpg (19257 bytes)

Theresa Gran
Hill City, SD 

'02 Vstar 1100 Custom
(short for liberty)

All-stops-ride-020.jpg (18670 bytes)

Tommy Liveoak
aka "Skull"

Pcs Pistons and cams, 39mm carbs, Dyna 3000, tricky air ride, Custom 18 twisted ss spoke wheels,all ss cables, custom fender and tail bibs, Zambini2000 air cleaner cover, custom made Saddleman seat, Headwind's 7" Bradly Rocket headlight, Pro one upper triple tree cover with lights, Lazar star rear halogen turnsignals, Backoff light kit, Barnett clutch, Custom 6 piston caliper from Henderson engineering, Hill's industries Warlord handlebars (prototypes one offs) Cobra High boy pipes with bubs baffels, Kuryakyn neopod kit blue, and many more things

FRONT34.jpg (31644 bytes)

Tom Morton

'99 Vstar 1100 Custom

0054.jpg (18592 bytes)

'02 Vstar 1100 Classic

Pro one risers, custom built lowering kit, modified stock exhaust, Yam Silverado w/s

ce7.jpg (14401 bytes)

Jim MacConnell
Cape Cod, MA

'02 Vstar 1100 Custom

Bubs Big Willy pipes, Barons drag bars, stiletto seat

Mvc-001f.jpg (21763 bytes)

Gene Coleman
Ft. Worth, TX

rechkemmer.jpg (19878 bytes)

Mark Rechkemmer
Lubbock, TX

'02 Vstar 1100 Custom

jan03Bike0003.jpg (16757 bytes)

George Landry, Jr.

'02 Vstar 1100 Classic

Dad's MaxAir Kit, Dyna 3000, Yamaha Passing Lamps, Visors on all lamps, Yamaha Rider Pegs, Yamaha Conchos, Yamaha Chrome Fender Tips, Yamaha Engine Guards, TopMoto Driver Backrest, Vista Cruise Control, Varad LED's, Custom Pinstripes by Andy03, Barons Nasty Boy Slasher Pipes

Doug Wagonner
Lake Forest, IL

'01 Vstar 1100 Custom

Scott Powell
Bend, OR

'03 Vstar 1100 Classic

Tall Yamaha windshield with Yamaha chrome lowers; Yamaha sissy bar and luggage rack; Cobra highway bars; and a few other chrome goodies like a front fender rail and rear fender tip plus headlight visor, speedometer visor and a chrome billet master cylinder cover

Dave Benson

Vstar 1100 Custom


Dan Wilson
North Carolina

'02 Vstar 1100 Classic

Thomas Bofferding
Eagle Point, OR

'00 Vstar 1100 Classic

Kuryakyn - Grips / Hyper Charger / Highway Pegs / Rear Brake Lights, Mustang Seats, Yamaha assorted accessories, Cobra Engine Guards

Tom Jeffrey
Cleveland, OH

'01 Vstar 1100 Classic

Michael Arnaud
Vallejo, CA

'03 Vstar 1100

Cobra slash-cut slip-ons, Yamaha passing lights, Yamaha windshield, Corbin seats, Radiantz Neonz lighting, passenger pegs, grips, plus additional chrome add-ons

Montreal, QB, Canada

Vstar 1100 Classic

Philip Cooper
Raymond, MS
ISRA #11193

'03 V-Star 1100 Classic

Carolina leather bags

Normand Dupuis
Drummondville, QB Canada

'02 Vstar 1100 Classic

Sébastien Dugal
St-Jérome, QB Canada

'03 Vstar 1100 Classic

stiletto seat, cobra pipes, 2" lowered rear suspension, drag style stearing, dynojet's and a K-N filter

Mike Hicks
Rehoboth Beach,DE
ISRA #11790 SCRC #24220

'00 Vstar 1100 Custom

cobra pipes, K&N High air flow filter and re-jetted, wind shield, saddlebags

Brad Vanderpool
Oregon City, OR

'00 Vstar 1100 Classic

Yvette Stewart
Los Angeles, CA

Vstar 1100 Classic

more pics here

Dan Lullie
Pembrooke Pines, FL

Vstar 1100 Classic

Craig Chappell
Oklahoma City

'99 Vstar 1100 Custom

Maxair kit, PCS chip seat and pillion. PCS lowering kit (2 1/4 rear), HK DD staggered straits, Barrons tach, DT pullback risers, Metzler 880 front and rear, Kuryakyn small bullets signals and spots, modified brake light and tag assembly

Ryan McCoy

'01 Vstar Custom

Cobra pipes, Barons BAK, PCS chip seat, PCS Dragbars, PCS lowering kit (rear), Forward controls, Modified mud flap, Barons bullet turn signals (rear), Emgo marker lights (front), 21" front wheel w/ HD fender

Joni Nelson

Vstar 1100 Classic

Colorado Springs, CO

'03 Vstar 1100 Silverado

Dennis Petracco
New Jersey

'02 Vstar 1100 Classic

Vance&Hines slip ons, Maxair kit, saddle bags, drive shaft cover, and ME Oil Filter Relocator

Vic White

'00 Vstar 1100 Classic

Steve Holcomb
Sugar Land, TX
ISRA # 9291

'02 Vstar 1100 Custom

46 degree rake, wideglide triple tree, 8” longer Tubes by Frank, Wild 1 10” rise chopper bars, Pacific Coast lowering kit, Lightning forward controls, Baron’s flamed BAK, BUB big willies, Yamaha/Corbin Blvd. seat, Mustang leather rear fender cover, National cruiser bags, Chrome Specialties bullets on back, Avon Venom X tires

Kent Cohen
Atlanta, GA

'03 Vstar 1100 Classic

Michael Lavallee
Pembroke Pines, FL

'92 Vstar 1100 Classic

Raked at 43 degrees, chromed the front-end, arlen ness bullet headlight, bubs "big willys" pipes, hypercharger and jet kit, gas tank stretched 5 1/2 inches, custom tail light, custom chameleon paint job, custom leather/gator seat w/ matching solo seat, drag handle bars with billet grips, steal braided lines, RC components wheels, TRICKY AIR suspension, led lights in frame, arlen ness mirror, drive shaft cover, and axle bolt covers

Neil Scott
ISRA # 10972

'02 Vstar 1100 Classic

Liz Roth
Lone Jack, MO

'02 Vstar 1100 Classic

Hard Krome pipes, Saddleman bags, Restyling sissybar & rack, Cobra engine guard, Pro-1 risers, Yamaha chrome.

Jonathan Koscielicki
Bayonne, NJ

drag bars, all stainless cable and brake lines, corbin seat, lowered 2", joker machine mirrors, custom relocated blinkers, candy paint, pipes and jet kit, electric through the bars, side mount tailight and plate


Paul de Beaumont
Québec, Canada

'02 Vstar 1100 Silverado

Dave Curley
USAF, Stationed in Belgium

'01 Vstar 1100 Classic

Custom made tail dragger fender, flame paint, tombstone tail light, 40" Beach Bars, Extended Floor Boards, External Oil Filter, Cobra High Boys

Mark Lampe
Yokota AFB Japan

'99 Vstar 1100 Custom

Lindby bars

Kevin L. Anderson
Canton IL.

00' Vstar 1100 Custom

John Musselman
Cincinnati, Ohio
ISRA #13003

'03 Vstar 1100 Classic

Rick Maggs
Sarnia Ontario

'01 Vstar 1100 Classic

Robert Smiley
Fort Worth,Tx

'02 Vstar 1100 Classic

Hard Krome pipes & rejet kit, Yamaha standard backrest, K&N airfilter

Chris Smith
Kansas City, MO

'02 Yamaha Vstar 1100 Classic

3in lowering kit, Barons Radius Bars, Aftermarket Harley Mirror, HK 2.75 big straights, Floorboard ext., redone factory driver seat, Baron turn signals, Baron license plate bracket

Brian Klucsar
Blaine. MN

'01 Vstar 1100 Classic

K&N Air Filter, Cobra Jet Kit, Cobra slash cut slip-on mufflers, Hard Chrome Ape Hangers 10" over, Baron's Cables, Baron's 2" rear lowering kit, Yamaha Saddle bags, Yamaha Tool Kit Bag, Yamaha Stiletto Seat

Ken Wilson
Livermore, CA

'99 Vstar 1100 Custom

Headlight is off a "Roadie", Samson pipes, Cobra bar, Vartex bags, Yamaha spots with par36, 7 degree, 50 watt halogens

Bob Naumann
Plano, TX
ISRA #9889

'02 Vstar 1100 Custom

Maxair Kit - Full System Settings, Hard Krome Xcellerator 2 into 1 Pipes, Motorcycle Enhancements Oil Filter, Restyling (Mapam) Sissy Bar, Pad & Rack, Yamaha Padded Grips, Yamaha Tall Windshield with Yamaha Lowers

Ed Vergara USNR
La Paz, Baja California, Mexico

'02 Vstar 1100 Silverado

Dave Stone
Lancaster, CA

'02 Vstar 1100 Classic

Jardine Pipes/Oil Filter Relocation Kit, Maxair, HD Baby Apes, Corbin Stilletto and lots of other chrome goodies

Brent Blake

'02 V Star Custom

Cobra Classic Slash cut exhaust pipes, Cobra jet kit, Mustang seats, Willie and Max saddlebags

Orlando Ayala
Greeley, CO

'99 Vstar 1100 Custom

Peter Leland
ISRA #10672

'01 Vstar 1100 Custom

PCS - Custom Chip seat, Lowering kit, AIS kit & DePretto Air Cleaner, Cobra Lowboy Shotguns, Big City Thunder Monsters, M.E. footpeg extensions, Willy and Max Saddlebags

Rick & Sherry Mulhall
Alberta, Canada

Vstar 1100 Custom

Recontoured, dished and widened the back seat, added gel pack to the front, windshield and lowers, back rest, luggage rack, saddle bags and kickers, driver and passenger Show Chrome mini boards, K/N, Dyna 3000, mini driving lights, and a throttle lever for cruising

Joel Mathis II
St Cloud, FL

'03 Vstar 1100 Custom

Tim Ivey

'03 Vstar 1100 Silverado

light bar, engine guard, studded tank bib

Howard Schrier
Long Island, NY
ISRA # 4327

'00 Vstar 1100 Custom

Randy Kurtz
Kent City, MI

'02 Vstar 1100 Classic

National Cycle hardbags and windshield, Yamaha backrest

Karl M. Duckett
Ogden, Kansas
ISRA# 13182

'03 Vstar 1100 Custom

Dick Boso
Birmingham, AL
ISRA 9396

'02 Vstar 1100 Classic
"Dame Satan"

Vance&Hines Classic II, Jardine oil kit, Self studded seats and bags, Cobra Engine guards and light bar

Tim "Crooko" Crookson
ISRA #7417

Vstar 1100 Classic
Menai, Sydney


Mike Cobb
Arthur, IL
ISRA #11331

'03 Vstar 1100 Classic

Michel Gastonguay
Arvida P.Q.

'03 Vstar 1100 Silverado

Don Smisko
Powell River BC Canada

hard krome slip-ons, one inch risers, carb cover from Rizoma, rear brake caliper cover from rizoma, engine guard and foot pegs (buffalo), studded seat, k&n filter, shaft drive cover, lowered 2" rear, rear carrier, visors on turn signals & headlight, grills on stop light & turn signals, license plate frame, blue headlight, fender guard (front), frame covers, front caliper covers, leather and stub around floor board n on kick stand, chrome rear brake reservoir, chrome horn cover, speedo cover, chrome grips, custom paint job, cover on front caliper, clock on triple tree, chrome covers fork heads

Mike Medvesky
Pittsburgh, PA

Vstar 1100 Custom

K&N jet kit and Corbra low boy staggered pipes

Franco Piras

Vstar 1100 Custom

Jennifer Schott

'03 Vstar 1100 Custom

DG Hardkrome 3.5" Slip-ons, Willie&Max "Mechanic" Saddlebags, Yamaha Saddlebag Brackets, Baron's Big Air Kit/Jet Kit, Kuryakyn Iso-Grips and Throttleboss, Yamaha Passenger Backrest

Dave Williams
ISRA #11312

'03 Vstar 1100 Classic

Corbin Solo Seat, Auburn Leather Saddlebags w/ Easy Brackets, Yamaha Tall Windshield, Yamaha Engine Guards, Yamaha Passing Lamps with Visors, Highway Hawk Taillight Cover, Kuryakyn ISO Grips, Yamaha Leather Studded Tank Panel, Yamaha Backrest/Sissy Bar, Front Fender Trim Rail, Yamaha Chrome Side Covers, Kuryakyn Chrome License Plate Frame

Pierre Galarneau

'03 Vstar 1100 Classic


Douglas MacDonald

Vstar 1100 Classic

Barons Bak and Torque Masters, DG Hard Chrome 2 3/4 big straights, Memphis Fats windshield, Yamaha passing light, Ameritech saddle bags, Mustang 3 piece studded seat-pavilion-backrest, and lots of extra chrome!

Bob Russell
Greenwood, IN
ISRA# 9222

'01 Vstar 1100 Classic

Roadhouse pipes, BAK, Lowered 2" front and back, Stainless braided lines, Ledrie bags w/ghost brackets, ME floorboard extensions, Yamaha shield and running lamps, Dyna 3000 ignition, Flamed paint job by Speed City Cycle, Corbin solo seat, Pro-1 risers, Chromed forks and polished rotors, Beach bars w/concealed wiring

Ronnie Evans
Yukon, OK

'03 Vstar 1100 Classic
(Old Glory)

Yamaha Tall Windshield, Yamaha Passing lights, Cobra Slash Cut Slip-ons, Yamaha Sissy bar and backrest, Yamaha saddle bags, Vista Cruise Control

Greg Perrault

'01 Vstar 1100 Custom

back rest, saddlebags, and wind screen


'02 Vstar 1100 Classic

Lindby Bars, K&N Filter, Cobra Drag pipes and lowered 1.5 inches

Jeffrey Kraig
Deerfield Beach, FL

'03 Vstar 1100 Classic

Cobra Hi-Boys and Engine Guards. Kuryakyn Silver Bullet Lights, Frame Covers and Blue Spider Lights. Custom Chrome Fan Shaped Mirrors, Tear Drop Flush Mounted Brake Light and Lighted Plate Frame. Custom Made Side Mount Plate Bracket and Paint

Scott Attaway
Arlington, Wa

'00 Vstar 1100 Classic

Cobra pipes, upgraded grips, saddle bags, back rest, windshield, passing lamps, headlight visor and taillight visor, engine guard, tank bib, luggage rack, chrome brake and shifter pegs

Doug Hamilton

Vstar 1100 Classic

Wayne Canfield
Corpus Christi, TX

'03 Vstar 1100 Custom

hard krome 2 3/4 straights, DBAK, thunderbike rear fender and seat

Björn Fridberg

'99 Vstar 1100 Custom

Jamie Stephens
Andrews, TX

'01 Vstar 1100 Classic

Kuryakyn Iso Grips, Corbin Seat, Champion Hard Saddle Bags (not pictured),Yamaha Tall Windshield with chrome lowers

Jorge Rivera
Spring, TX

'00 Vstar 1100 Classic

Ted van de Meulengraaf
Liempde, the Netherlands

'03 Vstar 1100 Classic

J. Werner

'99 Vstar 1100 Custom

HK DD 2 3/4" Big Straights exhaust, Pacific Coast Star custom solo seat, Pacific Coast Star rear lowering kit, "Restyling" brand forward controls from Europe, Barons Big Air Kit, Barons Hot Rod Drag Bar w/ internal wiring, Planet Cruiser brake & clutch levers, Planet Cruiser brake caliper covers, Planet Cruiser chrome brake rotor inserts, Planet Cruiser chrome frame inserts, Planet Cruiser rear fender trim, Planet Cruiser hand grips, Aeromach chrome bullet fork covers, Yamaha passenger pegs, Yamaha passing lamps, Yamaha master cylinder cover, Yamaha studded tank bib, Yamaha "Star" license plate cover, Custom bullet rear turn signals

Jay Ash
Danvers, MA

'03 Vstar 1100 Silverado

Dave Mitchell
Halifax, West Yorkshire

'01 Dragstar 1100

Jason Silverman

'03 Vstar 1100 Custom

Jardine slip-ons


Vstar 1100 Classic

Cobra slash cut slip-on, Mustang seat, Lots of extra chrome

Ken Swartz

'03 Vstar 1100 Silverado

Tim McGuinness
Vancouver, B.C.
ISRA # 12532

'00 Vstar 1100 Classic

silverado kit, mustang seats, sissy bar pad and tank bib, hard krome kickers full exhaust, lindby engine guards, aeromach pullback risers, yamaha jet kit, passing lamps, luggage rack, lowers, battery covers, visors and fender rail, 12v outlets

Clifford Fischer
Conway, AR

'03 Vstar 1100 Classic

Neal Tipton
Lipan, TX

'03 Vstar 1100 Classic

Craig Galley
ISRA #13672

Vstar 1100 Classic

Bob Arroyo
Atascadero, CA

'03 Vstar 1100 Silverado.

Mustang Studded Seat, Chrome Front Fender Rail, Chrome Rear Fender Tip, Jardine Slip-on Pipes, Back Off Illuminated License plate holder, Red Bullet Lights as extra Stop lights, Thunder air kit

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